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Third Party Inspection, Consulting Services and Training & Certification in NDT and Welding Inspection related Technologies to clients in manufacturing, processing, Heat treatment, In-service Inspection of Nuclear, NDT, Automobile, Fabrication of Structures, Oil & Gas Exploration companies, Petroleum Refineries, cross country pipelines in India and abroad

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A career with Sai Group Of Companies means joining a team committed to the absolute best. We are working towards a future where everyone potential can be fulfilled.

Sai Group begin its way since 2000 as a scale NDT services Company in Mumbai, INDIA and UAE as ASIA. Our office, Training Center is located at Eastern part of Mumbai surrounded by various industries.

With in-house ASNT NDT Level III trainers, our training center Trinity Institute of NDT Technologies a place where our customers and participants can confidently rely on, for quality NDT Training and certification and welding inspector courses.

17 years of professional industrial experience with the prominent industries in power sector, pressure vessels, precision and heavy engineering sectors,pipe systems, storage tanks, process plants, castings, forgings, fabrication, sugar and cement industries, aerospace component manufacturing, material testing laboratories, consulting and NDT inspection companies

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Non-destructive testing is a descriptive term used for the examination of materials and components.



Validating the specifications, value and safety of your raw materials, products and assets.



Personnel Qualification and Certification is one of the basic requirements of ‘Quality Assurance in NDT’.



‘Quality Assurance in NDT’ depends not only on the qualified NDT Operators, but also on the Management of the NDT operations.


Experience Quality Services

The organization is established by a team of eminent metallurgical and mechanical engineering experts.


Safety Management

A single major accident in the field could seriously damage the reputation of the organization responsible for the product and/or testing service.


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Our Mission

We Sai Group Of Companies means joining a team committed to the absolute best. We are working towards a future where everyone potential can be fulfilled. Non destructive testing (NDT) plays a vital role in assuring the quality and reliability of several critical products whose integrity is of paramount importance for safety. As an inspection, condition monitoring and diagnostic tool in a variety of applications, NDT plays a key role in the safety of our lives. Billions of parts in the manufacturing, power generation and transportation industries throughout the world are being inspected on a daily basis using one or more NDT methods